Developer(s) Appfour
Stable release 1.2.0
Written in Java, XML
Operating system Android
Size 14.82MB
Type IDE
AIDE is an integrated development environment (IDE) for Android created by Appfour. AIDE lets people create apps using Java, C++, and XML. AIDE also offers lessons in those languages. AIDE Web allows creation of websites using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.


This is a list of features AIDE offers:

  • Java compilation and execution
  • C++ compilation and execution
  • Git repository cloning
  • App creation
  • Java, C++, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript lessons
  • Website creation
  • Code error highlighting
  • Syntax highlighting

Premium key features:

  • Apk publishing
  • Full access to lessons


AIDE has gotten a 3.1 customer review on Google Play.

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