Hands will no longer trapped by your device. Free a hand and do other things! Lazy swipe, ONE HAND and ONE SWIPE,do whatever you want! Slide out the "Lazy Swipe" from your screen's left or right bottom corner in any situation, you could: 1. Find and open your most frequently used applications without any settings; 2. Find and open your newly installed or recently used application, no longer need to scrolling in your many application list; 3. Switch on and off the commonly used general settings, such as wifi, bluetooth, flashlight etc...

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Special thanks to: Vince(Italian translation) Eduard Vrhovec(Croatian&Serbia&Bosnia & Herzegovina translation) iksa,Tawfiq Hourani(Arabic translation) Hakan Güven,Atakan Yıldız(Turkish translation) Eric Farias,Adrian Kowaliński(Portuguese translation) Dương Vũ Trúc,Nguyễn Minh Thành(Vietnamese translation) Hamidreza Rashed Saiedi(Persian translation) Tadej Kobal(Slovenian translation) Szabó Zsolt(Hungarian translation) Ігор Бурак(Ukrainian translation) Konstantinos Mpellas(Greek Translation) Aleksandrs Plitniks(Latvian Translation) Aryan Farooqi(Urdu&Hindi Translation) Small TarZan,Dušan Hlaváč,Regi Kabaka(Czech Translation) Muhamad Fakhri(Indonesian translation) Tsega Kassaye(Amharic translation) Patrick Ilse,Elroy Groen(Dutch translation) Small TarZan(Slovak translation)

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