In Let's Play Tycoon, you play as an aspiring Let's Player. Work, buy and play video games, manage your fans and the others let's players, become more and more famous and release better and better videos !

Let's Play Tycoon is a humorous game filled with references and parodies. With a database of over 270 games on 10 different platforms, and many random events every in-game week, every play is unique !

Let's Play Tycoon was originally developed in 3 days for the Indies Vs. PewDiePie jam, but due to its success (32nd out of 780 contestants, and over 10k players in a week), here it comes in its advanced edition ! More content, more sets, more actions, easier interface, save files and NO GLITCHES* ! (*Cool Frogs Studio can't promise there are absolutely 0 glitches, but promises that they did their best !)

• Over 270 games to play ! • Balance work, life and fans • Humor and parody-based games • random events to make each play different

Developed during the indies vs. PewDiePie gamejam, Let's Play Tycoon is a management game in isometric 2D pixel art inspired by other tycoon games. After its success on GameJolt, Let's Play Tycoon got redeveloped in an advanced edition for mobile.

ABOUT LANGUAGES : - As french video game players, we are aware of the frustration that can be caused by a game not in your language. As international developers, we don't want to pick a favorite country, we don't want to translate the game in only one or two languages. And as independant developers, we don't have money.

Cool Frogs Studio aims for a better experience, but we don't have enough money to pay for a translation.We also don't want to provide a bad, automated translation. We played enough games where the text means absolutely nothing.

* : We are currently unable to fix the "game shutting down as soon as it starts" glitch, since we can't find any testing device where this glitch happens. We are deeply sorry and are still looking to fixing this glitch.

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