Beautiful. Elegant. Fast. Simple.

MegaTube is the best YouTube for Windows 8/8.1 device! Enjoy the best of YouTube on touch and mouse like never before. You'll be able to watch videos in various formats like 480p, 720p, 1080p and even preload them to watch later. What's more is that you will be able to download them as MP3!

Sign in to Google + account to check out your latest subscription; comment on videos; rate videos!

URI Protocol support ['youtube' & 'megatube'] For developers, simply use youtube:<videoid> or youtube:<videoid>


  • Watch millions of videos on YouTube
  • Easily share the videos you like to your friends
  • Selection of both touch optimized or Web browsing on YouTube
  • Live Tiles
  • Quick search/Share
  • Notification when the download is done
  • DLNA [Play-To]
  • View common YouTube feeds such as most commented, trending, popular
  • Search for YouTube videos based on your preferred query
  • SkyDrive sync/Integration (Upload/download videos and MP3s seamlessly)
  • View user profile
  • Play multiple videos in playlist at once
  • Download the entire playlist as MP3 or videos
  • Edit music artist, title, album, genre for downloaded MP3
  • Check out your uploaded videos/favourites/subscription with YouTube account
  • Works great on Windows RT too!